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Three Fingers Live Hunt Recap
by Brian Weger

"I headed down to Fairfield Friday at noon for a weekend of traditional bowhunting with some old friends and some new friends..."

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June 26, 2011
2 Doe at 3 Fingers
by Nate

"What an awesome ranch! I have been 3 times and every time I have been awe struck by the quality and quantity of the animals that roam this ranch.  Our hunt started very early Saturday morning..."

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July 10, 2011
3 Fingers
by Ryan Ladner

"Got to 3 Fingers around 3pm on Friday.  Wasn't scheduled to meet up with Ben until 5pm, so just checked out the town, had lunch and did my grocergy shopping for the weekend..."

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August 1, 2011
Ryan Ladner
Three Fingers Bowhunting
by Travis Elmore

"Leaving to hunt Three Fingers today.  Will be leaving from North Carolina at about 6pm and will have a 12 hour drive down..."

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September 17, 2011
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